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  FRAICHE FOOD  cookbook was succesfully launched at Fraiche Ayres Restaurant on the 12 April 2012. Fraiche Food is more than another recipe or cook book. It is a bouquet of sixty recipes from the restaurant all garnered along the road of discovery

Fraiche Food is more than just another recipe or cook book. It is a bouquet of sixty recipes from the restaurant Fraiche Ayres garnered along the road of discovery. Tantalizing ideas that take old favourites and add a new twist – from the wake up breakfasts, through to the mouth watering desserts, the tried and tested recipes in this book are a tempting journey through familiar dishes.  In four sections  Fraiche Food takes in your day from breakfast through soups, salads and sandwiches, lunch and dinner to cakes and desserts – simple food made simply delicious and oh so easy! 

The launch was well attended by media jounalists and foodies alike. Laughter, good conversation and great food was enjoyed by all who attended. Kyle Miller cleverly designed the evening canape menu, miniturizing favourite dishes from the tried and tested Cookbook.Prawn Salad

Guests enjoyed delicious Asian inspired prawn and avocado salads dressed with fresh mango and sweet chilli dressing, This was follow by delicate rare beef fillet crostini’s topped with rocket, pickled peppers and a dijon mustard mayo.  This was followed by a tiny homemade fishcake served with coriannder and chilli dressing.  As the evening progressed Kyle served what seemed to be a very popular Spicy sweet potato soup followed by dessert , a sticky Malva pudding topped with creme anglais.

 We would like to thank all those who were involved ensuring that the Launch was a huge success, especially Ally Strachan from Ciro/Lavazza for her delicious welcome drinks!   A big thank you to Beryl Eichenberger of HIPPO Communications and to ALL the media whom attended. We truly appreciate your support!

Ally Strachan from Lavazza

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